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This lady breaks the mold and goes against the grain (albeit gluten-free grain).  Cherise has all the class to dine with the most sophisticated in Downton Abbey, yet is down to earth enough to hang with all the different personalities of any Modern Family.  


Real Estate runs in her blood. It’s more than a job to her. When passion is matched with a calling, then generally, this is a tough combination to beat. Cherise is an old soul with a young heart, wise beyond her years (22 as a Colorado Springs Realtor), extremely savvy with seeing all parts of the real estate deal and yes, entirely too young looking to be a grandma.  


Without further ado, this is Cherise & GRANDBABY, JJ!



Selley Group Real Estate, LLC

Brokerage Info

The journey to your home…


A boutique-style broker owned agency sustained by topnotch innovation, quality and predominantly referrals. Welcome to Selley Group Real Estate, LLC! 


From contract to close, Cherise and her seasoned group of Realtors pride themselves on establishing a distinct DNA that is true to each client, location and budget. You will experience an intelligent and approachable journey throughout the real estate process. This collaborative think-tank strives to create the best options for you to choose. To know them is to connect with them.


Last year alone (2018), this group of 3 agents boasted over 100 closed transactions, placing them among the top-tier of Realtors in Colorado Springs. And beyond this, Cherise regularly holds top leadership positions within Peak Producers – an organization of Realtors who represent the top 10% of highest producing agents in El Paso County.

Established June 2009

Over $315 million in Sales

1,000+ Group Closings

Quick Stats:
Providing Better Solutions

22 Years of Experience • Top echelon of sales

Expert Insights

One of the most sought after real estate brokers, Cherise adds dedication, perseverance and authenticity to each of her 1,000+ closings and still counting…



Because sometimes the acronyms really do matter… These abbreviations symbolize the hard work and further education required to go to the next level in the real estate industry. 

Satisfied Clients

The most important part of the real estate process is the people. The home certainly matters, but the clients make the journey worthwhile.  See what they have to say about their experience with Cherise.

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